Who We Are

Pertubuhan Pencinta Hidupan Melaka is a NGO in Melaka. It is established as a private organisation on 9/8/2018. It has been recently been approved as a legal charity organisation by Registrar of Society Malaysia.
Official Registered No : PPM 009-04-12012021

The objective of our organisation is to rescue these dogs captured by MBMB,MPHTJ, MPJ and MPAG which were initially sentenced to euthanasia. We are here to provide second opportunity for their survival.

We are an officially registered NGO located in Melaka town. Since our establishment, we have saved more than 300 stray dogs from municipal councils in Melaka. For every stray that we save, it has to go through strict process. All dogs have to go through basic medical inspection, medication intake and skim disease treatment. After that, these dogs have to go through a one month observation period to ensure their heath condition are suitable for neutering operation and necessary vaccination in the future. For those dogs with infection and disease, they will be hospitalised till they are fully recovered.

PPHM Committee Meeting
PPHM Committee Member

Therefore, every rescue operation requires huge amount of medical expenses and monthly food expenses. The overall monthly expense is more than RM20,000, exclude other expenses, .e.g medication, etc. Kind donation and support from the public are helpful for us to save more lives.

Your kindness gives them a second opportunity to live. Let’s save these helpless animals. You may choose any of the following methods to help them:

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Pertubuhan Pencinta Hidupan Melaka
BANK Account : UOB 259-302-328-3
We will continue to update our Facebook page from time to time. For further inquiry, please contact:
012-3925535 (Ms Lau)