Humane Education

We believe that education is the best way to help disseminate the message of “Love and Concern for Animals” to the general public. We offer educational tours and talks at our Melaka premises, where the general public not only learn more about animals and how to take care of them, but also about the animals’ needs, including important considerations that need to be taken into account before adopting a pet. They will also have a chance to meet our four-legged friends in the Homing Department. You are welcome to join us on a tour and learn how to be a good pet owner!

Educate & Engage

  • Our educational talks are not only for teachers, students and youth groups, parents are also welcome to join with their children so that the youngsters can learn to respect life and develop a concern for animals through family involvement and parental support.
  • We offer talks on a range of topics to spread the message of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare to pet owners as well as the general public. Our popular grooming workshops held regularly at PPHM Melaka premises provide members and non-members with invaluable tips for ensuring basic pet care.
  • We are also in demand at housing estates where we give talks to residents on a number of topics regarding keeping pets, from hygiene and home safety to common pet diseases in Malaysia and their prevention measures.
  • Seminars for company staff can be tailor-made to meet specific needs and requirements. For example, staff members who regularly work outdoors are often faced with the problem of not knowing what to do when they encounter stray animals in the course of their daily work. By organising talks for these companies, we are able to provide staff with guidelines for precautions to take when confronting stray dogs and how to avoid being bitten.